Prize for statistics students?

In order to promote work on statistical simulations, as well as thinking about deeper issues in data analysis, I’m considering starting a prize for students.

Here are my ideas:

* One prize would be for the most innovative use of Monte Carlo methods to model a problem in pure or applied statistics. This prize would be offered in two divisions: undergraduate and graduate.

* One prize would be for an essay that explores the foundations of probability theory or statistics with an emphasis on epistemological issues. This would be open to all students.

* Prizes would be in the $3,000 – $6,000 range.

* The judging committee would be drawn from professors, students and industry.

What are your thoughts? Specifically:

* If you’re a student, is this something you’d apply for?

* If you’re a professor or instructor, do you think your students would be interested in this? Would you pass along the information to them?

* If you represent a company, could you see advantages to sponsoring one of the prizes?

* What changes or suggestions do you have?

One comment

  1. Hello, I’m an undergraduate math student and I think this is a great idea. I’m not good enough with probability to feel confident joining a competition but I would apply anyways because I like challenges. I wanted to give you input on this, and hopefully good things come of it.