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If you’re new to this blog, here are some place you might want to begin:

My manifesto provides a good look at my view of probability, statistics and epistemology.

Randomness can be classified into different types, here’s one way to do it.

Interested in the foundations of modern probability theory? Check out this podcast episode about the Problem of Points.

I created a new statistical distribution with some interesting qualities.

I wrote a highly controversial post that analyzed global temperature data based on a “random walk” model. If you like your controversy with more opinion and less technical detail, I recommend Five dumb arguments smart people make.

If you are interested in tails, check out How fat are your tails and A different way to view probability densities.

Looking for a book review? Interested in the how to hide a normative decree in a linguistic assessment? Check out What are the chances this headline will still be true in 10 years?

I proposed a mascot/logo for the statistical programming language R. Nobody cared.

In addition to the blog, I also maintain a twitter feed. So far, this is my most popular tweet:

I’ve created a couple videos, you might enjoy this friendly introduction to the power of the test.