The week in stats (Oct. 7th edition)

  • The picture above is a very well-known mathematical construction called the fractal cat. Brian Lee Yung Rowe shows how to construct fractal artworks using R.
  • Arthur Charpentier of Freakonometrics explains how to construct ROC (rate of change Receiver Operating Characteristic) curves in R, as well as how to interpret and plot them. This is a useful for those in fields that frequently encounter longitudinal data, such as finance, engineering or biostatistics.
  • There are many kinds of intervals in statistics. To name a few of the common ones: confidence intervals, prediction intervals, credible intervals, and tolerance intervals. Each are useful and serve their own purpose. You should not only know their names, but also when to use them and why.
  • A map of the most visited website for every country in the world (source:, as well as the internet population of each country.
  • Suppose that you drop 5 blue marbles and 5 red marbles randomly (and uniformly) on the interval [0,1]. What is the probability that the marbles will interleave each other?

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  1. I thought a ROC curve in this context was a Receiver Operating Characteristic curve?