Power, p-values, publication bias and statistical evidence

I created this video to show as part of a presentation I’ll be giving next week. Your comments welcome, either here or at Youtube.


  1. Looks like an informative cartoon. I showed it to my students and it held their interest for about 10 seconds. A problem that the characters did not address was over sampling. Large samples can produce low p-values.

  2. Hi Basil,

    Yikes! I suppose 10 seconds is better than nothing….

    FWIW the vid got a mild response during my presentation, a few chuckles, but otherwise not much. Maybe not as amusing as I thought it was. Oh well…


    • If it makes you feel better, I watched the entire video. I thought it slightly entertaining and possibly a good way to have students ask questions about what a p-value really means.

  3. Really great video.