Weekend art in R (Part 3)

I have a few posts nearing completion, but meanwhile a weekend break for art. Big thanks to Simon Urbanek and Jeffrey Horner, creators of Cairo, a library for the programming language R. Have you noticed how R can’t anti-alias (fancy way for saying smooth out lines and curves when creating a bit-mapped image)? Cairo can.

Make sure to click the image above for the full version. Here’s my code:

# The Cairo library produces nice, smooth graphics
Cairo(1200, 1200, file="D:/Your/Path/Here/Dots.png", type="png", bg="#FF6A00")

# How big should the grid for placing dots be?

dotsPlaced = myWidth*myHeight

# Optional default colors and sizes for dots
myColors = rep(c("#0000F0","#00F000"),dotsPlaced)
myCex = rep(3.2,dotsPlaced)

for(i in 1:dotsPlaced) {
	# Change this to allow more of the default color dots to survive
	if(runif(1)<1) {
		myColors[i] = paste("#",paste(sample(c(3:9,"A","B","C","D","E","F"),6,replace=T),collapse=""),collapse="",sep="")
	myCex[i] = runif(1,3,6)

# Keeping this is marginal

# Start off with a blank plot. The white dot helps with cropping later
plot(0,0,pch=".",xlim=c(0,40),ylim=c(0,40),col="white", xaxt = "n", yaxt = "n")

for(m in 1:myWidth) {
	for(n in 1:myHeight) {
		if(runif(1) < .93) {

dev.off() # Tell Cairo to burn the plot to disk

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  1. Is this a test for color blindness? 😉

  2. I always wondered why exported graphics look kinda ugly. Very cool package, thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Hi there,
    I’m trying to replicate your results using R 2.10.1 on Windows XP but I keep on getting an error message regarding the following snippet:

    for(i in 1:dotsPlaced) {
    # Change this to allow more of the default color dots to survive
    if(runif(1)<1) {
    myColors[i] = paste(“#”,paste(sample(c(3:9,”A”,”B”,”C”,”D”,”E”,”F”),6,replace=T),collapse=””),collapse=””,sep=””)
    myCex[i] = runif(1,3,6)

    R complains about an unexpected ‘;’ after lt.

    I’m just trying to copy and paste your code after having loaded the cairo package.

    Any suggestions about how to make your code to work would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance,

  4. Hi Ruben,

    I fixed the code. For some reason 2 of the < signs were HTMLized into & l t ; in the code. I changed those. Let me know if you still have problems running it. Cheers, Matt