1. Having an R mascot is a great idea! (if it should be an artichoke or not is a good question).

    And very nice logo – good start 🙂

  2. BTW, if you want the post published on R-bloggers, you’ll have to tag it 🙂


  3. Haha, nice artwork and justification for the artichoke! I would buy that t-shirt! I prefer the blue one anyway, I think it’s still pretty clear that it’s an artichoke.

  4. Awesome! The rtichoke I love it. A vegtable that’s good for you and delicious.

  5. hmmmm don’t like artichokes. Sorry :-). I saw R logo before more with “pirate” spirit in it (pirate hat and wooden leg). I would love to have pirate version of R logo, ARRRRRrrrrr mateys!!! Pirates are cool!

  6. I think this is magnificent! I have long been a fan of the artichoke, and very recently I’ve been diving into R. Who knew the two could be so intimately related? I so want this T-shirt.

    Have you ever heard of the grocery store game called “Artichoke”? The idea is that you try to get people to buy as many artichokes as possible by sneaking them into their cart when they’re not working. One of my friends got someone to buy nine! I feel like that’s pretty similar to the tactics I’ll need to use to get my co-workers to switch to R…

  7. @Ethan:

    Nice. I’ve heard of “shopping for others” but never with the artichoke twist. I can just see it applied to programming…. Why won’t this damn thing compile? Wait, that’s not JAVA code! Who put that there?

  8. I like the green and blue version. Mind if I use it as a sticker?